What To Do If You Have Had A Break In

break in bristol

break in bristol

Nobody wants to fall victim to a break in but unfortunately it does happen all too often. If you do find yourself in this unfortunate situation it is important that you try and stay focused so that you can take the necessary steps to get things back on track. This is why our team at City Locksmiths Bristol have put together this step by step guide so should you ever find yourself in this awful situation you will know exactly what to do to get things back in order.

Ring The Police – The first thing that you need to do is report the crime. Call the police so that they can make a record of the break-in and provide you with a unique crime reference number, it is important that you take note of this number and keep it safe as you will need it further down the line when it comes to making an insurance claim. If you are not inside your property when you discover the break-in then it is a good idea to wait outside until the police arrive to minimise the chances of destroying any potential evidence.

Don’t Touch Anything – While you wait for the police to arrive it is important that you don’t touch or move anything. The police will need to assess the crime scene to see if any evidence has been left behind that could aid them in catching the people responsible and potentially retrieving your stolen goods. If you try to tidy up and move things any evidence left behind could be destroyed which could in turn hinder a police investigation.

Make A List – When the police have finished and give you the go ahead you should go around your property and make a detailed list of stolen and damaged items, include as much information as possible such as distinctive marks, serial numbers and estimated value. This will aid the police in identifying your items should they be retrieved, and it will also be required by your insurance provider.

Ring The Bank – As soon as you get chance you should call your bank and inform them that you have had a break-in. They will be able to check your account for suspicious activity and freeze any accounts if necessary. Even if your cards haven’t been stolen it is still worth doing this as the intruder could have made a note of your card details to use at a later date and make online purchases with you being none this wiser until its too late!

Contact Your Insurer – It is important that you contact your insurer within 24 hours of discovering the break-in so they can make a record of the break-in and start the claim process. You will need to provide them with the crime reference number that was given to you by the police and also the list you made earlier of damaged and stolen goods.

Secure Your Property – Now that the police have left with any evidence, they could find you can finally start getting things back in order. Part of doing this will include making sure that your property is once again secure. Call out your local locksmith who will be able to replace any broken locks and board up any smashed windows. While they are at your property the locksmith will also be able to advise you on any potential security improvements that you could implement in order to better protect your home or business from a future break-in.

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