Why Good Window Locks Are Important For Your Home Or Business

window locks bristol

window locks bristol

When people sit back to take a look at how to improve their current security measures people tend to put most of the focus on the doors and often overlook the importance of checking their window locks. The winter months are as good a time as any to look at how to improve your home security, particularly as the dark nights give thieves the cover they need to thrive!

Reduce Risk and Save Money

As well as the obvious home security measures you should also have a look at the locks on your windows and see how they can be improved, not only will your home be more secure but you can also save money on your insurance premiums. As you may know insurance companies have set minimum requirements that your locks have to meet in order to be insured with them, this doesn’t just apply to door locks, there are also minimum requirements for window locks. If the locks on your windows don’t meet your insurers current minimum standards, then you could find that your insurance policy is not valid. If you find that the current window locks you have are not as secure as they could be then there is no need to panic as our team at City Locksmiths Bristol have put together a helpful guide that you can use to resolve this issue. First things first, you need to establish what type of window you have at your property, there are quite a few varieties. From there is should be quite simple to find a suitable lock for your window that either meets or exceeds insurers minimum requirements.

Types of Windows and Locks

Sash Windows – Sash jammers or stops can be fitted to the upper sash window to stop them from sliding past each other.

Casement Windows – More of then than not this type of window will require two locks, one which is fitted to the small side handle and the other fitted to the long handle at the bottom. You can either choose to have new handles fitted with locks already integrated into them or just have locks fitted to your existing handles.

Fanlight Windows – Swing locks tend to be the go-to lock for this type of window as they provide a means to reach in and unlock a larger window. Another choice of lock would be mortice window bolts which will work just as well.

UPVC Windows – Most uPVC windows will already come fitted with key operated locks fitted. You just need to keep an eye on the handles and make sure they are kept in good working order. If you do have any problems with your handles, then any good local locksmith will be able to come and carry out the necessary repairs.

Alternative Security Measures

As well as the above locking systems that we have suggested there are a few other security measures that you can consider for your windows such as, window restrictors which will prevent the windows from being opened past a certain point, and window bars. These security measures will stop a burglar from gaining entry to your property via the windows but will also stop them from being able to leave via the windows as well.

Although window locks may not seem like an important security measure when you take a closer look at it, they actually make a huge difference to the overall security of your property. If you need your window locks, repairing, replacing or upgrading then contact City Locksmiths Bristol today – 0117 287 2012


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