Best Way to Keep Your Home Secure

How do I keep my home secure

How do I keep my home secure?

Now that we are returning to work post lockdown we are often asked how do I keep my home secure when I am at work or out for the day with my family?

Whilst you will rarely beat a burglar that is very determined, the more you make it harder for a burglar the less chance of being burgled. Most burglars are opportunists so having visible and invisible home security measures in place means that a burglar is more likely to choose an easier property to get into.

So what can you do? Here are 3 top ideas…

Fit Snap Proof Locks To all External Doors

A burglar want to get into your home quickly and quietly.

This can be when you are out or even asleep. If you have poorly fitted or cheap locks fitted then a burglar can break the lock with everyday tools and be inside your home within 20 to 30 seconds with very little noise. Lock snapping is a growing means of entry. This is shocking. Fitting snap-safe locks (anti-snap locks) to 3 Star British Standards will in many case stop or severely delay entry, often to the point the burglar gives up and moves to an easier target.

  1. Check your locks, back and front for the British Standards Kite Mark. The Kitemark logo can be found anywhere on the lock but usually it’s found on either the front or side of the euro cylinder.
  2. Don’t forget to check your conservatory door lock too!
  3. Check that the cylinder is not protruding the door on the outside. This is really important as a badly fitted or incorrect size barrel makes entry much easier.
  4. If unsure, Contact City Locksmiths Bristol who will come round and review your locks and quote to fit anti-snap 3 star Euro cylinders, giving you peace of mind. Our locksmith services for the Bristol area cover all your home security needs.


Check Your Window and Door Locks Work Properly!

A faulty or failing lock will break at the most inconvenient time

  1. Regularly check your locks. As well as ensuring that your locks are working well and providing a barrier to thieves, you are also avoiding that dreaded moment when you want to get in but the key snaps in the lock or the lock fails and you cant get in!
  2. Check that each lock turns smoothly both closing and opening.
  3. If your lock “has a knack” it’s a sign something is failing or your door hang needs adjusting. Call City Locksmiths Bristol and we can help fix your problem before it fails, saving you time and money.
  4. Finally don’t forget to check that you have good quality locks on your outbuildings such as sheds and ensure your gardening tools are locked away when you have finished with them. Burglars are opportunistic so will grab your own tools from your shed to break into your home.


Install Highly Visible Security

As we said above, most burglaries are opportunistic

If a burglar is roaming your street and your home has visible security such as CCTV, external PIR Lighting and an alarm fitted, and the others don’t, then in most cases they avoid your home and choose the easier target. So…

  1. Have a professionally installed burglar alarm fitted
  2. Install PIR (movement sensor) lighting
  3. Install CCTV


If you are unsure if anything then Nick from City Locksmiths Bristol will be happy to pop round and review your home security.

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