Fixing a Jammed Lock

New uPVC door lock fitted to Bristol Couples home b
When your uPVC door lock is stock or jammed then we can visit and quickly sort out your problem. We did this recently for a Bristol couple.
An elderly couple in Bristol couldn’t unlock their uPVC door at the back of their house so City Locksmiths Bristol attended quickly once we were called out.
We were quickly able to establish that the MPL (Multi-Point Lock) centre case was jammed.
At City Locksmiths Bristol we pride ourselves on our locksmithing skills and will always try non-destructive entry methods where we can rather than get the drill out first! We specialise in uPVC lock repairs and in this case we gained entry, without any damage to the door, then supplied and fitted a new MPL centre case.
The customer also requested a new pair of handles so we supplied and fitted as well. We carry a range of lock spares for these purposes to save you time and get you secure whilst we are there.
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