Bristol customer couldn’t engage lock

Replacement Multi point Lock Bristol Customer

Another common issue when the weather changes is that people find that problems with the uPVC Door Locks wont engage to lock properly. You know the problem, your door lock “has a knack” and that knack gets more and more difficult to work! Sometimes this problem has probably been building up for a while and a change in the weather such as the temperature change or humidity of Autumn can cause the uPVC mult-point lock to finally fail.

A good example is when a customer in Bristol rang us when they couldn’t fully engage they’re uPVC Multipoint locking mechanism. Your security, specially on these darker autumn nights, is to get to you as soon as possible. So, we arranged to come around later that day.  We found that they had a faulty multipoint gearbox. As a professional emergency locksmith we try to carry as many spare parts and common locks as possible to help with emergencies and for your convenience. Luckily for the customer we had a suitable replacement multipoint gearbox on our fully equipped Van which we fitted, enabling the Bristol hownowner to secure their home and feel safe again.

Another happy customer using City Locksmiths in Bristol.

At City Locksmiths in Bristol we provide a fast and professional uPVC Door lock repair service.

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