Top 5 Reasons to Fit a Key Safe

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If you have ever lost your key, accidentally locked yourself out  or simply stress about these things then these top 5 reasons to fit a key safe will help you decide what to do.  


Fitting a key safe is not expensive

Often our customers have hesitated to call us fearing the cost of fitting a key safe might be too expensive. As professional locksmiths we pride ourselves on charging a fair price for the quality of work. Its a small price to pay for convenience and peace of mind!

Key safes are convenient


Having a spare key can be very convenient as you no longer have to spend frustrating time searching for your key when you need to pop out quickly.

Also, if you have pets and get stuck at work, in a traffic jam or have to go out for a long period unexpectedly you can call a family member, friend or trusted neighbour to pop in and check your dog is OK, or any of your pets.

You will never be locked out with a key safe


OK so this one is obvious but you would be amazed at how many call outs we get to help customers that have locked themselves out because they left home in a hurry without their keys, or lost their keys at the shops and so on. With a professionally fitted key safe you wont have the expense of calling out alocksmith to get you in or waiting for a friend that has a spare key.


A key safe is great in an emergency

If you or an elderly relative has a fall, or cant get to the door, then the emergency services, a neighbour or family member will be able to get in to help quickly, without fuss or damage to the door.


A key safe gives you peace of mind

This preobably is a summary of the above but what price peace of mind? Our lives seem to be more rushed and stressful these days. Increasingly we live further apart from our loved ones who might have a spare key.

For the small price of a key safe you get the peace of mind that is so valuable, whether for you or a relative you have one fitted for.


City Locksmiths Bristol are a professional and trusted local locksmith with many years experience so we know what are the best key safes for your situation.

Give Nick a ring on 07595 431870 for a professional locksmith service in Bristol. A call costs nothing and Nick will be happy to visit and quote you for fitting a key safe.

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