Helping a Yatton Flat Owner Comply with Fire Regulations

Helping a Yatton Flat Owner Comply with Fire Regulations

We dont just fit cheap locks to the minimum standard but ensure that locks meet the legal standard for their intended use. In this case to meet fire regulations for a flat owner in Yatton, south west of Bristol.


Problems opening  composite door

It started for this customer in Yatton when they called City Locksmiths Bristol because they were having problems opening the composite door to their flat.

The multipoint mechanism was faulty

On arrival we found that multipoint mechanism was faulty, a common problem for both composite and uPVC door locks. So we supplied and fitted a new full multipoint mechanism.

Going the extra mile…


We could have just done the bare minimum but as a professional Bristol locksmith we wanted to make sure the customer was safe, secure and met legal requirements, especially around fire regulations!

The customer had a handle system whereby she had to always carry a key to re-enter her flat and she requested we changed that type of entry.  So we supplied and fitted a new parallel spindle system.

Importantly, she didn’t have a thumb turn cylinder which is needed to comply with fire regulations and help you get out quickly in the event of a fire.  So we supplied and fitted a new snapsafe thumb turn cylinder.

The customer now has better home security and is much safer should the worst happen and there is a fire!


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New Composite Door Lock fitted in Yatton Flat that Complies with Fire Regulations
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