Cheap Locksmiths are Expensive!

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Are cheap locksmiths really cheap?

As the old saying goes, buy cheap, buy twice!

There are locksmiths around Bristol who advertise, “Cheap” prices.
They take advantage of the current tough economic climate and people like you needing to be careful with their money.  Below we will explain more but please remember a professional locksmith spends time and money training as well as kitting out their van with proper tools for the job and, importantly, high quality locks!


Guaranteed Lock Parts

If you want a professional job done with quality parts you will need to pay sensible prices….  We give a 24 month guarantee on all parts fitted as we only fit quality parts.
Example of our locksmiths Bristol service of anti snap locks and cylinders fitted to a uPVC Composite door

Its not just about the quality of the locks fitted!

So the problem is not just about the quality of locks fitted but that is important of course. For your improved safety it is important to fit BS standard 3 star quality locks. The problem is there are rogue locksmiths out there who lure Bristol residents and businesses in with “cheap” offers to get a foot in the door.

Once onsite with you they can use lots of tactics to inflate the price of the job from replacing parts that don’t need replacing to drilling locks when picking (non destructive entry) might be a better and cheaper option.

How to Spot a Rogue Locksmith – 3 warning Signs to Prevent Being Scammed

1. “Cheap” prices advertised on Google Ads / Sponsored Ads

  • You may see prices advertised such as £39, £49, £59 etc. When they get to you you suddenly find the price skyrocketing!
  • Paid Ads on Google are expensive, specially for locksmiths. Sometimes the costs of these ads are higher than their advertised “cheap” price. They need to recoup these costs somehow, and that’s where you, the customer, come in!

If a cheap price looks too good to be true, then in many cases it won’t be. 

Of course many reputable locksmiths will use paid ads on Google but it is something to be very mindful of.

2. Vague pricing when you call the locksmith initially

  • Listen out for vague pricing or waffle when you call the locksmith. A good professional locksmith will have a good idea of the problem when you describe it. In many cases they will be able to give you example prices depending on possible problems and solutions required.
  • Of course locksmiths aren’t able to price every eventually until they are with you on site, but you should get a feel from the locksmith that they are not being deliberately vague about pricing
  • When your locksmith arrives you should get a diagnosis from them and a quote to fix the problem. Don’t let them start without this.
  •  Again, sometimes a locksmith will encounter an unexpected issue when they start work so bear that in mind and trust your instincts.

3. Locksmith gets the drill out first

  • If the locksmith first action is to get the drill out then chances are they could be a rogue locksmith. A professional locksmith will in most cases use non destructive entry methods such as lock picking.
  • Drilling is usually the last resort of a professional locksmith when other less costly methods have not been successful. If its the first attempt, be wary!
A professional locksmith will normally only use a drill is broken or beyond repair. this does of course happen, but the locksmith should test first, not get the drill out first.
Whilst this isn’t an exhaustive list, it will start to give you some confidence when you are in that unplanned situation and need the services of a locksmith.

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