Don’t let your shop lock fail at a busy time!

Don't let your shop lock fail at a busy time!

Does your shop lock have a knack?

When something goes wrong it is usually at the most inconvenient time…
  • Its raining and you cant open your shop
  • You have a delivery that you cant take in or worse…
  • Its a busy trading period and you cant open the lock to let customers in!

So its time to act before the worst happens.

Does your lock have a special knack to open it?

Do you have to “jiggle” the key to get it to turn.

Is there a stiffness to the key turning?

Your key / lock should operate smoothly and turn without resistance or the need to hold the door or key in a certain way to open or close it.

If you notice any of  the above please don’t delay but call City Locksmiths Bristol and Nick will come and look and fix or replace your lock.

This was brought home recently when a commercial customer in BS8 was experiencing problems opening their shop in the morning during the busy Christmas shopping period so they rang City Locksmiths Bristol.

On arrival we found that the deadlock was completely worn out so we supplied and fitted a new [Chubb] 5 lever mortice deadlock which we stocked on our fully equipped Van.

For any commercial or domestic security requirements please contact Nick on 07595 431870.

Old worn mortice lock in shop door in Bristol
Old worn mortice lock from shop door in Bristol
New mortice lock in shop door in Bristol
Call Nick on 07595 431 870